"your legal bff"

I've binge listened to the first few episodes and I'm in LOVE with Annette's delivery of what's typically dry, dull, legal mumbo jumbo.  It's like having a real-life Elle Woods in your ears each and every week helping creative biz owners through the legal stuff...

- Megan, 5 stars

"useful and fun"

I love this podcast already! Who knew the legal stuff could be made so simple and entertaining?! I am starting my own graphic design business, and this podcast is a great way for me to spend my down time.  I'm learning so much.

- Sam, 5 Stars

"law made sexy"

Legal matters seem to be these magical unicorns in the business world (especially online) so I love that Annette is bringing this to us "regular" people. :) Her Legal Quickies are super valuable for every small biz owner! Easy listen + won't put you to sleep!

- Emylee, 5 Stars



Annette Stepanian is an attorney and business strategist who equips other creative professionals and small business owners with the legal and business knowledge needed to confidently start and grow their businesses.

 Combining her passion for law and small business, Annette seeks to make the law practical, approachable, and dare we say it – even a little fun!

 Photo by Luna Bear Studios